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Half Day City Tour | Afternoon Palace Tour


Departure city   |   Seoul


Package ; Afternoon Palace Tour

Service language ; English

Transfer / Traffic ; *指定地点集合 Round trip:拼车

Play time ; 4.5Hour

Valid Period  ; Only valid on play day


View the pick-up point

-Pick-up traffic
-Transfer 指定地点集合

 Round trip:拼车

-Pick-up location

-Pickup description

 The pickup time can be different from the hotels (in front of front desk) and the time will be notified upon booking.

Play itinerary

Hotel →Changdeok Palace (Gyeongbok Palace on Monday) → Insadong Antique Shop Alley → Namdaemun Traditional Market → Ginseng Market → Hotel

昌德宫 Changdeok Palace

在1592年,首尔宫殿内的所有宫殿都被烧毁,昌德宫成为1610年建造的第一座宫殿。 自此以后,它成了大约270年的初级宫。 昌德宫是1997年被联合国教科文组织列入世界遗产的地方,而且被誉为"建筑艺术宝库"。

All the palaces in Seoul were burnt down during the Japanese invasion in 1592 and Changdeok Palace became the first palace to be rebuilt in 1610. Since then, it became the primary palace for about 270 years. Changdeok Palace was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and is regarded as a masterpiece of Korean palace architecture where the buildings are in perfect harmony with the natural setting. 


仁寺洞古董店  Insadong Antique Shop Alley]

这是展示韩国传统文化和书籍商店,传统茶馆和手工艺品商店的街道。 整个地区充满了丰富的文化和艺术。 你可以找到很多古玩店。 仁寺洞是现代事物的混合体。

This is a street showcasing Korean traditional culture with antique art and book stores, traditional teahouses, and craft shops. The entire area is filled with a lot of culture and art. you can find many curio shops. Insadong is a blend of modern and traditional things.


南大门传统市场 Namdaemun Traditional Market

Namdaemun Market is the largest traditional market in Korea. You can find more than 1,700 items for your day-to-day life encompassing clothes for men, women, and children, accessories, kitchenware, folkcrafts, food, miscellaneous goods, and agricultural and fishery products. Since the market is famous for its low prices and high quality, almost half of Seoul’s foreign tourists visit here.

南大门市场是韩国最大的传统市场。 你可以在日常用品,妇女,儿童,配件,厨房,食品,食品,杂货,食品,杂货,食品,杂货,农产品,杂货等用品上找到1700多个。 由于市场占有率低,而且质量上乘,所以首尔的外国游客几乎占了一半



Use method

持续时间; 13:00 ~ 17:30 / 每天

Duration: 13:00 ~ 17:30 / Everyday



*儿童票价 -  6岁以下儿童可享七折优惠。

* Show the confirmation message to staff.

* Only valid on the date which remarked on the ticket.

* Child fare - 30% off for children under 6 years.

About Cost

100,000 KRW / PERSON

Cost included


Transfer fare between hotels and attractions,or from attractions to attraction, Entrance fee.

Including driver service charge,fuel costs,road tolls, parking fees,congestion charge and insurance.

Service charge of driver and tour guide.

Cost not included


Meals, drinks and other personal expenses.

Booking notice







The pickup time can be changed depending on the traffic.

The pick up time can be different from the location of the pick up hotel.

No clothing requirements.

Return and change policy

1 days before 15:00 or more in advance of travel date , free refundable;


Cancellation Policy

◈ All tours include the guide, transportation and admission fee
◈ The Pickup time could be delayed depending on the traffic conditions
◈ Limo tour is not responsible for any losses or incidents
◈ The payment can be made by cash or by credit card on the day of tour
◈ 100% cancellation penalty within 24 hours before the tour

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